The Important Man LTD is an exclusive distributor of top quality international brands, to successfully penetrate the Israeli B2B and B2C markets. We are GTM experts.

?How do we do that

For years we have been importing and marketing useful, innovative, and designed products of international brands to large companies and organizations. Some of them sell in stores and chains. We love what we do, and know how to find the next big thing.

We, at “The Important Man Ltd” import many products, some of them you might be familiar with or even purchased them in the past, but it is reasonable to assume that until now you did not know that we were their importers.
After receiving thousands of calls for individual purchase options, we responded to the public request and decided to set up [email protected]

We carefully select the brands we represent and examine each product before offering it to our audience. It is not coincidental that we are known as a company whose products are of the highest quality. It’s not what we say, it’s what our customers say about us.
It is important to us that our products be useful, innovative, designed, and to justify their price. We are proud to receive daily recognition from our customers that we stand by it.

We bring you the leading brands from different countries in the world: Holland, Germany, USA, Singapore, Italy, France and more

Like to travel? Like to look your best at work? In school? Love the latest innovations and always keep ahead
Here you will find innovative gadgets, business bags, fashionable bags, suitcases, trolley luggage, and more.

We have also added a special category for products that will complement the fun return home. We put them under the title LifeStyle and Living because as one who likes to travel a lot, we know that the fun thing is to get back home.

We are happy when you love our products, and we thank you for every order you chose to give us confidence!

It is important to us that you be satisfied and happy with your choice.

We renew our products and website regularly and will be happy to hear from you about any product you would like to find or something you have seen in the world and would like to purchase in Israel.

In general, you are invited to share any feedback on any subject. You can email us at [email protected]

Our customer service is available for you on Sundays to Thursdays between 09:00 and 18:00 by phone:+972 9-891-9198

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